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A Strong Launch

The way your day starts can direct its course. Don’t we all want a strong launch? Whether it’s a healthy breakfast, an early morning workout, a thought provoking walk/talk with a friend, prayer, meditation, reading, or a steady combination of what works, the sooner we discover it, the better.

When you find your strong launch, and then deploy it to assist others in theirs, that’s pretty special. Every day, Tammy M. reads scripture, meditates on its application to daily living, and shares her personal reflections via a text to friends. All before most of us are even awake!

Here’s a sampling:

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”. Proverbs 19:21. Sometimes we are fanatics about our to-do lists. I love making them and feel so satisfied to check off each item but then have the nerve to get upset if God steers me a different way. How quickly I forget that my plans are like dust; insignificant and can be wiped away with the breeze. Remembering that His plans prevail over our plans. Ask him what he would have you to do FIRST. Pray, be patient, listen and he will direct you. Everything else will fall into place. Let God be first on your to-do list.

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you”. Isaiah 41:13. Often we have need of help in a situation – daily chores, work questions, support during illness or in a financial crisis. Friends and relatives offer help but it is limited by our abilities as humans. The Lord says: I got you! I am your help – don’t be afraid; I’m right here holding your hand! Give him the biggest Sunday Shout you can today! Spread the word that he is our help. He has every need met, every problem he’s already got handled and every promise he made, he will fulfill! Shout!”

Just as the sun rises each day, the light of these texts is consistent, yet different in its reach. Touching recipients – in their unique lives, joys, and struggles – some are a “direct hit”, while others provide the warmth of meaningful perspective to carry throughout the day.

Simply and quickly, the day’s text can be copied and sent to someone particularly aligned with that day’s reflection – a direct hit that breathes energy into a personal journey. Perhaps that person forwards it as well. And so on and so on and so on! All because Tammy shared her launch.

Here’s one more:

“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love forever and ever. Psalm 52:8. The other day I noticed a small rosebush I had put in a shallow pot. My intent was to plant it in the ground but I thought since the weather was so hot and dry, it would not survive. What I failed to notice was the new growth was attached to a stronger shoot that was already flourishing. I love that word! We flourish when we remain connected and grounded by His love and trust. No matter how hot it gets or steamy the trials; when we firmly and are focused on Him, we become stronger and unwavering in the work. Be a strong “shoot” and grow in his word. Trust and be connected to him with all your being. You will not waiver; you won’t faint – you will flourish!”

Thank you Tammy for helping us “grow in His word” and “flourish”. Thank you Tammy, for growing love!

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The Grow Love Project

The world can be a scary place,
Making you fear for the human race.
Bad things happen for reasons unknown,
And good people worry that they’re alone.

At times it seems evil knows no bounds,
Causing such sorrowful sights and sounds.
More often these moments invade our day,
And in times of loss, we stop and pray.

We pray for those who are suffering,
With faith in the relief that God will bring.
We hope for the best while fearing the worst,
Dreading the day our own bubble will burst.

And yet, we hesitate to join the fray,
For what can we do – other than pray?
The answer lies within our heart,
Of the solution, we must be a part.

We’ve been given gifts from God above,
As it’s been said, “the greatest… is love”.
To light one candle, instead of cursing the dark,
Is the journey on which we are called to embark.

Love is the candle that lights our way,
In making a difference every day.
When seeking first to serve and give,
Becomes a liberating way to live.

Helping others in ways big and small,
Picking up a neighbor when they stumble or fall.
The impact expands like ripples on a pond,
Reinforcing our human bond.

One act of kindness leads to another,
And we see ourselves as sister and brother.
We witness the power of love growing a bit,
So we stay the course, we do not quit.

Yes, the world can be scary place,
But there is hope for the human race.
It’s through goodness that we’ll give evil the shove-
It’s in times like this that we must Grow Love.


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