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Everyone Needs an Accountabilabuddy

Is there such a thing as work/life balance? Or life balance, for that matter? So often we visualize the scales of justice, with tasks, commitments, and energy equally distributed. We think the bar needs to stay level at all times. Maybe life is more like a see saw instead – one side touches ground but with a big push up of the legs, we go back up. What happens if the weight is too much and we can’t push back up?

Enter the accountabilabuddy. The accountabilabuddy sees your need for a boost and gives it.

Do you need to take a walk to vent, share stories and regain perspective?

Maybe a coffee date to compare notes of your kids’ school experiences to make sure you’re “getting the memo”?

Set up a time with your accountabilabuddy to meet and go!

Haven’t had a mammogram in years?

An accountabilabuddy will relentlessly text, prod, and harangue you until the appointment is set. Another accountabilabuddy will make her appointment for the same day and enjoy a Frappuccino with you afterwards.

You get the idea.

Accountability partners are often connected to the mission of reaching a goal – often at work or at the gym – to support your direction, to stay the course, and keep the vision in line. It’s great to have an accountability partner. However, life isn’t linear. It’s a complex matrix. It’s a wild dusty playground full of energy, squeals of delight, and chaos. We need a posse of accountabilabuddies.

So what do you need to push back up this week? To fill your cup? Share it with a friend and voila, you have an accountabilabuddy. Find an accountabilabuddy and you find a friend.

Insert yourself as a relentless, prodding, loving accountabilabuddy to help someone fill his or her cup and you are a friend.

With every boost, you are growing love.

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