What flame do you fan?


In Norfolk, Virginia, handmade signs, such as “love conquers hate,” have been appearing along busy roads. Special thanks to the person making the effort to remind us of basic truths.

The next part of the story is how I was able to see this picture in the first place. A co-worker was telling another, “I saw another sign!” There was profound joy and excitement in Joni’s voice as she shared the details and showed the pictures she captured on her phone.

Like all of us, Joni has been saddened by violence in our country. Yet, instead of succumbing to the vortex of despair, Joni stopped for a moment in her day to snap this picture. She then continued to fan the flame of its hope through its image, and most importantly, its message.

Thank you Joni, for growing love!

Recently, our pastor reminded the congregation of Nehemiah 8:10. If our Lord finds joy, despite all that He sees, how can we not? It stayed with me that joy and strength are interconnected. We can become despondent, overwhelmed and vulnerable when we sense no joy. Yet, it surrounds us. So, let’s fan the flame of joy. Let’s share it with others- every day, any way. It’s simple- just like the handmade sign in the shape of a heart.

Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10.

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